About Somm Bitch

This is about my journey into and through the world of wine, beer and spirits- taking on a rich, full subject and trying to cut out as much of the BS and snobbery as possible, while still being a legit student and, eventually, a respected/respectable Sommelier. I believe that wine, much like sex, is something to enjoy often, talk about with your girlfriends, share with your partner and never dissect too much or take too seriously (oh, and to be enjoyed responsibly- let’s never forget being responsible people).

Want to know something about me, the bitch behind the blog?

Hi, my name is Meg, I work in marketing at a national retail chain in wine/beer/spirits and I’m studying to be a Sommelier. I originally studied to be an actress in college, meaning I spent many years waiting tables and bartending, and I honestly loved it. About 12 years ago I got really into food and started a part-time catering company and that spurred me along in my interest of wine- although, in the interest of full disclosure, I actually didn’t start drinking until I was almost 25 (about 8 years ago)… with a few notably epic exceptions- most of them taking place at Penn State University. You see, I’m a recovering Mormon, a religion famous for abstaining from not only alcohol, but also coffee- meaning I started drinking my two favorite beverages (coffee and wine) a bit later in life. Lucky for me, that also means I mostly bypassed the days of drinking PBR pitchers for $5 and $10/handle Montezuma Tequila.

If I had to describe myself as a wine I would say a spicy, full-bodied red that’s somewhat velvety at first but leaves you with a bit of a punch in the face of spice and attitude and the whole experience is a bit intense- so I I’m going to go with a Tempranillo from Spain or a classic Tuscan Chianti. I am definitely not for the faint of heart, sometimes it takes a little while to fall in love with me, but once you have, you’ll become something of a loyal disciple. And, like those wines, I also pair well with red meat and rich pasta dishes.

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